Xenia Restaurant

Furniture selections, decorative hues, modern materials that refer to other eras, an architectural design that recalls images of the ’60s.

The main restaurant of the ELIVI Xenia Hotel has been designed based on elements and lines of the old Xenia.

Tables, chairs, small yet essential details, create the feeling of another decade when time seemed to go by more slowly but perhaps more enjoyably so.

The Xenia Restaurant ambience wishes to travel guests in time, while its dishes want to bring back those simple combinations which fascinated our palate when our experienced grandmothers were in charge of the cooking.

Our guests can start their day by having their breakfast from a generous buffet and enjoy an à la carte lunch and dinner. A place one can visit every day, all day long, with many different menu suggestions, full of scents and flavors that evokes memories and revives images of Greece.

The philosophy behind the various menus was based on the Mediterranean diet, ingredients, variations and combinations thereof.