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Operating hours | 19:00 - 23:00

Leda & The Swan Mediterranean Dining Set Menu


The beautiful mythological queen Leda, whose origin is disputed by many cities, and Zeus who is transformed into a white swan to win her love, inspired dozens of leading artists and are depicted in masterpieces of painting, sculpture, and mosaic. This very myth of beauty and love inspired us to create Leda & The Swan restaurant of the emblematic Xenia hotel in the central terrace, with culinary dishes from Mediterranean which formed the Greek cuisine and rightfully placed it at the international gastronomic scene.

As the sun sinks and day gives way to night, Leda & The Swan welcomes its guests in a sophisticated ambiance: The element of water with the fountain at the entrance, the elegant fountains with hand-painted bowls in shades of blue, vases, clay pots and tiles decorated with Mediterranean motifs and the unique, magnificent view, all contribute into taking you to a journey you want to go…

The great atmosphere of the restaurant is enhanced with lighting that highlights the olive and pine trees, and the sound of the sea which his combined with jazz and swing music from the adjacent Elevate Bar.

In the ideal setting of Leda & The Swan, the cuisine plays the leading role, setting new gourmet limits by using the international cuisine as a basis for its dishes while enriching each one with a touch of Greek inspiration

A match which is both memorable and successful. Enjoy!