State of the Art Facilities


State-of-the-art facilities and exemplary service develop the philosophy and modus operandi of ELIVI SKIATHOS. We built a hotel that responds to the needs and requirements of cosmopolitan guests who want to live, savor, enjoy, feel with all their senses, with the people of their choice, at the place of their choice. We have provided for everything that we believe makes the ideal setting for relaxation, well-being, entertainment, recreation, rejuvenation. We proceeded to the realization and the completion of all those that we envisioned, with great joy and boundless enthusiasm.

Every service, every facility, from your transfer to the hotel to your departure, has been designed in full detail having as top priority a professional and friendly approach.

At ELIVI SKIATHOS we want to get to know each guest personally and feel that we have done our best for our guests’ immense satisfaction. Our facilities and services are a living proof.