ELIVI SKIATHOS exalts hotel accommodation in Skiathos


ELIVI SKIATHOS exalts hotel accommodation in Skiathos by offering exemplary architectural design and services focused and tailored on guests seeking high standards, refined esthetics, essence and personal taste in every choice they make.

The ELIVI SKIATHOS guest rooms were developed sharing the same philosophy in their construction, the same care for the place and the people, the same high aesthetics and expertise in architecture, the same use of the latest modern technology. All rooms, suites and villas are lavishly decorated with elegant simplicity and functionality.

ELIVI Xenia Hotel

The main two-story building, the Elivi Xenia Hotel, with its discreet luxury, brings back memories of another age. Its rooms were redesigned to host two adult guests and have double beds. The team responsible for the architectural design envisioned rooms and relaxation areas with a 1960s flair yet with modern equipment and accessories that architectural development has to offer and proceeded to an exemplary implementation.

In the rooms of the main building details of the geometric forms and the 60 materials have been harmoniously integrated in the modern design, taking into consideration the functionality of the areas, the uninterrupted supply of services, and values such as simplicity as a valuable element of luxury and the sense of measure in aesthetics.

ELIVI Nest Rooms, Villas & Suites

Green in all possible shades and textures, wild vegetation next to pine trees and olive trees, an area covered with plantings that help develop a sense of complete privacy and form paths that lead to the sea, becomes the vibrant setting of the ELIVI Nest Rooms, Villas & Suites. 19 independent residences, in perfect harmony with the environment, both aesthetically and functionally. 7 residences located above the olive grove and the Little Banana beach, gazing at the sea and the mainland, offering the best view in the entire hotel complex, with an absolute sense of peace and privacy, while the remaining 12 are nestling in the green, just in front of the Big Banana beach. All are bioclimatic, independent, in earthly shades, close to the blue sea and the large 200 m2. pool with its turquoise waters and minimal design.

ELIVI Grace Rooms & Suites

At Ambelakia beach, on the white sand, next to the famous Koukounaries Beach, at dusk in the light of the setting sun, the Black Swan appears, moving calmly, quietly, with pride and elegance. A born protagonist who steals the show and adds unparalleled beauty to the scenery. With this image in mind, we created one of the most luxurious hotels in Skiathos: 35 independent suites and 33 rooms, placed with modesty and completely adapted to the environment, for guests who want the sound of the sea to touch their soul. For people who love and feel happy by the sea.