With a rich history from the prehistoric times until today


Skiathos was inhabited, loved and blessed by the gods and people. Excavation works in search for remnants of its historical periods are continuous, while many of those found are considered as great exhibits for the visitor.

Among other landmarks, the island’s fortress, the Castle still standing after centuries (it was built in the 14th century and abandoned in 1830 with the establishment of the Greek state) and Bourtzi with few remnants of the walls that protected the island (1207) which still welcomes visitors arriving from the sea.

Easy access, no barriers

By boat, speedboat, flying dolphin (hydrofoil) or airplane, Skiathos has daily connections with numerous ports, Athens and cities abroad.

The island of Skiathos, the Sporades jewel, has easy and frequent access. The same applies for ELIVI SKIATHOS. It is easily accessible, in a unique location. Ask us to transfer you to and from the port or airport.

Skiathos town: 12 km
Skiathos Airport: 15 km
Skiathos Port: 14 km