On the beautiful island of the Sporades, a 5-star hotel complements harmoniously the landscape


Just 12 km from the port of Skiathos and 14 km from the airport, in the southwestern part of the island, the new 5-star hotel in Skiathos, ELIVI SKIATHOS, nestles in a natural environment of exquisite beauty, with facilities adapted to the landscape, forming a unique beachfront hotel, cooled by the sea breeze and bathed by the Aegean sunlight, that upgrades the location.

Designed with utmost respect to nature, which is the source of inspiration for its architectural design and application of bioclimatic principles, ELIVI SKIATHOS offers the ideal choice for accommodation in Skiathos. Hospitable, genuine, with carefully thought facilities and generous services, ELIVI SKIATHOS, in a single area of 213 acres, embraced by the sea of the famous Koukounaries beach, the protected black swan wetland and the famous Big Banana and Little Banana beaches, unfolds into three different residential areas:

ELIVI Xenia Hotel, ELIVI Nest Rooms, Villas & Suites and ELIVI Grace Suites become synonymous with the offer made to guests who want to enjoy one of a kind holidays in a 5-star hotel in Skiathos. Rooms, suites and residences with gardens and pools, unobstructed sea view, beaches, pools, restaurants, bars, dishes and ingredients; high aesthetics and discrete sense of measure in its most luxurious form that stimulate desires, enrich activities and offer a luxurious accommodation in Skiathos without limits. They make up one of the most luxurious hotels in Skiathos, in the Sporades, in Greece.