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Meat Elements Hagoromo Restaurant


A fairy tale of the 14th century that became a legend and one of the most beloved plays of the Japanese “Noh” theater, speaks of a feather cloak that an ethereal form had forgotten on the branch of a pine tree.

A fisherman who used to live on that land found the cloak and got enchanted by its beauty, which made him want to keep it. When the angelic being wished to have her cloak back so that she would be able to return to the heavens, he agreed, with the condition that she would offer him her ethereal dance.

The story of the feather cloak “Hagoromo”, unfolds within an idyllic setting, in a pine-filled landscape by the sea with a view to Mount Fuji.

These images were the occasion and the source of our inspiration for creating our own Hagoromo, a new page in Elivi’s flavors book. Hagoromo was created to embrace every sense with its airy cloak. Here, we decided to house a restaurant where we can constantly transform, explore and enjoy flavors from around the world, filling our palate with unprecedented experiences. Now, meat preparation techniques from around the world come into focus!

Techniques that highlight the flavors of meat and appeal to its fans.

Hagoromo transforms into a Steakhouse, with a twist!


Welcome to Hagoromo!