Opening Dates: 06.05.2022-04.10.2022
Operating Hours: 19:00 - 23:00



A 14th century tale which became a legend and later on a play of the traditional Japanese theater “NOH” of a mantle made of feathers which was left hanging on the branch of a pine tree, the fisherman who found it, the female angelic figure to whom it belonged to, and their short story, was the reason for a new page full of taste in the Elivi Skiathos book of flavors.

“The generous fisherman Hakuryō finds a garment made of feathers and spellbound decides to keep it. The angelic figure returns in search of the forgotten robe and finds out that the fisherman has taken it. Desperate, she asks him to give it back to her otherwise she would not be able to return to heaven, but he refuses. However, his original denial becomes consent, provided that she would dance a celestial dance for him… The fairy accepts and to the “human” doubt of the fisherman for her intentions and sincerity, the heaven-born maid replied that the concept of deception belongs to the earthly world and has no place among divine creatures. Convinced by her wise words, Hakuryō returns the feather costume and she performs for him a dance that describes the Palace of the Moon and praises the spring landscape. Immediately after that, she disappears forever into the fog behind the top of Mount Fuji … “.

The idyllic setting, this magical story, the pine landscape, the home place of the fisherman next to the sea with a view to the mountains, brought our mind to the present, to Skiathos and the location of the Elivi, and were our inspiration to design a Japanese restaurant based on the Hagoromo legend.

A unique experience that begins every evening at 20:00. A tasteful journey to the famous Far Eastern cuisine at its best.