Genuine flavors, pure materials, exemplary preparation, professional service.


At ELIVI HOTEL, gastronomy in Skiathos is expressed in a plethora of ways through its three main restaurants, whose common goal is to prepare dishes that follow the hotel’s philosophy: Genuine flavors, pure materials, exemplary preparation, professional service.

At ELIVI, our cuisine is representative of the entire hotel complex. Each case is special. Every guest is yet another reason for creation. We prepare dishes for those with intolerances and allergies, according to the requirements of the guests, offering alternatives that satisfy the senses. We organize together a rich gastronomic menu that will enrich their stay in the most tasteful way, feeling safe and certain.

At ELIVI SKIATHOS, Mediterranean diet and Greek cuisine combined with our childhood memories of pure flavors from our grandmother’s cooking, become inspired cuisine recipes. Local dishes, local products, all that we created in the kitchen of ELIVI, paired with the appropriate wines, lift the spirits and elevate the heart and soul. ELIVI restaurants present a culinary experience that seeks to become among the best in Skiathos, Sporades, the Aegean Sea and Greece.

Three of the best restaurants in Skiathos – three approaches to taste and euphoria that express the gastronomic philosophy of ELIVI: Xenia Restaurant, in the old Xenia, now the new ELIVI Xenia Hotel, Leda and the Swan, a fine dining restaurant in the main hotel and Nest Pool Bar & Restaurant embraced by the ELIVI Nest Rooms Villas & Suites.

Three restaurants that reflect the gastronomic norms of ELIVI SKIATHOS which are based on natural ingredients, careful selection of fresh vegetables and fruits from local producers with an emphasis on organic farming, selection of the freshest produce from the best Greek and global market suppliers, according to the chef’s inspiration. Three restaurants that follow the Mediterranean diet even in international dishes with a high-end gastronomy flair.

An impeccable 24-hour Room Service with a menu that includes the best possible selection from the inspired menus of all three ELIVI SKIATHOS restaurants allowing guests to choose from the best and most representative dishes of the ELIVI cuisine. A complete room service in a hotel that wishes to fulfill the needs and desires of its visitors.